Univision Computers


  Univision’s smarter WI-FI fosters the learning experience; it’s a required course of action for education.

Faster, more dependable WI-FI connectivity that’s affordable is fundamental. It must cover large campuses, yet reach every small nook and cranny of a classroom. It must support multimedia applications while providing secure connectivity for staff, students, and guests. Limited budgets and IT staff mean that educators need a new approach. Univision’s technology passes the test with flying colors.

  Fortunately, Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi provides the technology that gives schools a cost-effective wireless infrastructure that’s in a class by itself. With Ruckus, educational institutions gain:

  • Consistent, reliable connectivity no other Wi-Fi system can touch
  • Up to four times the coverage and higher performance using fewer APs
  • The lowest cost of ownership, including easier installation and Zero Touch IT
  • Support for standard 802.1x, WPA (PSK) and WPA-2 (AES) security, plus automatic wireless setting and encryption key security
  • Comprehensive on-boarding and security management solutions that ensure hassle free, safe connectivity with distinct privileges for students, teachers, staff and other groups.