Health Care

Univision Computers

  Smarter WI-FI increases operational process and improves patient care; it’s a required prescription.

Faster, more reliable WI-FI connectivity for patient care is fundamental. It must penetrate a wide range of construction materials, work with a wide range of multimedia medical devices and clinical applications, be HIPPA secure, and easy to implement and maintain for IT staff. Univision is the healthiest choice for healthcare.

Ultra-Reliable WI-FI Access


Computer Health Care  Mobility is a key element for healthcare organizations to meet their quality, productivity and patient safety objectives. The ability to receive actionable clinical information regardless of location and react and communicate in real-time is required for the adoption of EMR/EHR applications. Clinicians have a high level of confidence in the reliability and integrity of their critical EMR information, VoIP communications, high-resolution video and medical image delivery.


Unmatched Multimedia Support


Univision Wireless  Wireless VoIP, RTLS locationing, patient monitoring/telementry, infusion devices, medical imaging, bedside video, mobile workstations, and smartphones are raising Wi-Fi performance requirements. The Ruckus ZoneFlex WLAN system combines patented BeamFlex long-range, directional Wi-Fi beamforming and beamsteering technology and patent pending SmartCast traffic engineering technology to classify, prioritize, and optimize multimedia traffic delivery per-client, per-traffic-class QoS, so that every client and traffic flow (voice, video, data) is given the right prioritization over standard 802.11 Wi-Fi.