Network Support / Design

Network Design

Your network IS your business, don’t trust it to just anyone! Our experienced network engineers have years of experience designing and managing networks for our clients and we know what it takes to setup and run a rock solid network.

You can’t make a poorly designed network work well. Univision starts with making sure that the foundation of your network is sound and then we build from there.


Network Maintenance

A network is like any piece of equipment that you use in your business; it requires regular maintenance to insure that it works properly. Univision can help develop a maintenance regimen for your network that heads off problems before they happen and make you network rock solid.

Network Upgrades

Network Upgrades

Does your server need to be replaced? Don’t know if your server needs to be replaced? Univision can help you determine what needs to be done to your network and help you implement those steps.


Network Security

Your network is at risk. Hackers, viruses, malware are all trying to get access to your computer systems. Univision can help you make your system secure by helping you with best practices to tune the security of your network.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Many organization cannot work without their computer systems. Univision can help you develop a disaster plan that keeps you up and running even if something bad happens. This plan can include just basic backup to full blown redundant servers with automated fail-over.